A mechanical keyboard is fitted with springs and key switches, features that are not present in other conventional keyboards. The key switches are locate on the underside of the keys so that the PC received the instruction after you have pressed the keys in the keyboard. The other alternative keyboard, the membrane keyboard is simply made from a dome with letters printed on it and it has an either laser or rubber keypad. The chiclet keyboard also resembles the membrane keyboard which most gamers may consider boring.

Why gamers like the mechanical keyboards

Many gamers have continued to choose the mechanical keyboard over the membrane keyboard. This is because the mechanical keyboard is superior to the membrane keyboard in the following aspects;

• It more durable than the membrane keyboard. It takes more time then the membrane keyboard to wear out. This is a very important feature to gamers because they are heavy users of the keyboards.

• They are easy and faster to use then the membrane keyboards. The membrane keyboards feel mushy as compared to the mechanical keyboards. This is another feature that makes most gamers opt for the mechanical keyboard over membrane keyboard.

• During the game, the gamers ay need to press many buttons simultaneously. The use of the mechanical keyboard allows for this unlike the membrane keyboard. The mechanical keyboard is the most preferred choice for gamers.

• With the mechanical keyboards, it is easy to customize every key. This enables you to have a colorful keyboard which is an added advantage for gamers.

Types of switches on mechanical keyboards

The mechanical keyboards have different types of switches that perform different functions depending on your need. These three types of switches are;

• Linear switch. This is mostly preferred by people who do typing. This is because they make typing easy and smooth.

• Tactile with audio. This is a kind of switch which can produce both inaudible and audible feedback when you press the keys.

• Tactile only. This is a kind of switch that produces inaudible feedback when you type or press the keys.

The most popular colors of switches in the market are;

• Black. It is the stiffest of all the switches.

• Brown. It is tactile and it is the in-between of the red and black switches. They are easier to press than the black and more silent than the red.

• Red. They are the most preferred by gamers because they are very light and therefore allowing faster response when pressed.

• Blue. It is tactile with audio and most preferred by typists. This is because they have a tactile bump and they also provide an audible feedback when typing.


The question of what is a mechanical keyboard and why gamers like them do has been going around for a while now. Gamers prefer the mechanical keyboards because they are faster, easier to customize and even more durable than the other types of keyboards. Gamers spend a lot of time on the keyboards and so they prefer to have them pimped to make their gaming experience more fun. Durability is also a major factor because the mechanical keyboards are not very easily affected by wear and tear.



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